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The Red Sun

When the first stream of sunshine penetrated via window into the operation room of “ Sandpile No.3” and when motor was started to begin a new day’s work and when airplanes were flying by busily I had been waiting for you for a long time.

The construction days offshore was boring unavoidably and watching sunrise had become my daily course. Maybe due to born curiosity about light I can always feel endless warmth and comfort in embrace of light. If it was said that sea had unlimited wide breast then the red sun had kindness and mercy of shedding sunshine on universe. If it was said that rainwater nourishes universe the red sun give new birth of life, which is a unchanged old law.


I remembered that in my childhood my father taught me to be honest and stick to credit and trust just like the sunrise early in the morning and sunset in the evening and never be late. Since then I started to respect sunshine. Till now I still respect sunshine without stop. In my life when I felt sand and distressed or whenever I felt happy I would pour out my feelings to sunshine and share with her. She was like a kind mother and opened her warm arms and comforted my weak souls and gave me unlimited strength. Bathing in the sunshine I was full of courage of facing difficulties and never gave up.

As a builder of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge I felt the endless honor. I shall not hesitate for nothing than being a builder can make me proud of myself and make me feel honor. The noise of motor could be heard thousand miles away and busy work scenario was revealed in my full view. The red sun was shining in the sky and her colorful brightness glares and dazzles my eyes, which made me drunk. Looking up at the remote hills adjacent to Hong Kong we were opening a long corridor of world class. I felt so happy that I couldn’t help changing a sentence of the poem written by Zhang Jiuning____ “ The red sun rises above the sea and whole world shares the same given moment”.


Pausing for a while I turned around and back to operation room and I began a new day.

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