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Method Statement
Method Statement

Prefabrication of steel cylinder

Cylinder fabrication flow chart

Assembling — welding T rib—plating unit formation into shape—plating unit transfer—installing upper wider wedge groove—assembling upper cylinder into shape—upper cylinder plating unit trial assembling—assembling lower cylinder into shape—assuming lower cylinder plating unit —butt connecting upper and lower cylinder bodies—installing lower cylinder wedge groove

Steel cylinder transportation

1.        Loading steel cylinder onboard vessel at port (Zhenhua Changxing island )

2.        Positioning and binding steel cylinder

3.        Transporting steel cylinder to jobsite along navigation route

4.        Anchoring , mooring and residing in position of the carrier


The steel cylinders were transported from Shanghai city Changxing island to jobsite , were uplifted by floating crane and were transported by carrier “Zhenhua 16” and “ Zhenhua 17”. 9 and 8 sylinders were loaded each voyage.

The carrier was anchored , moored and positioned by mooring line-floating buoy-anchor chain-submerged concrete block system. 1 floating buoy (total two buoys)was respectively on both port and starboard of the bow in waters of anchor dropping and mooring and 1 floating buoy (total two buoys) was also installed respectively on port and starboard of stern in waters of anchoring and mooring. The floating buoys were were fixed to seafloor by φ100mm anchor chain and 165t submerged concrete block.

Steel cylinder vibratory driving sequence and construction technology illustration

1.      Steel cylinder vibratory driving flow chart

2.      Schematic drawing of steel cylinder plan layout

3.      Weight lifting vessel for driving and positioning vessel dropping anchor and in position

4.      Vibratory driving system is uplifting steel cylinder.

5.      Vibratory driving steel cylinder in position

6.      Sinking of cylinder under vibratory driving.

Auxiliary cell vibratory driving test

Butt connecting plan plate and welding into an integrity

turning plan plate

welding longitudinal rib and T plate

placing in jig and forming arc shape

welding loop ribs and installing soft connection

uplifting arc steel plate of auxiliary cell

interpose auxiliary cell into wedge groove

Sinking auxiliary cell : The test was performed in Tianjin and 3 nos of steel tubular piles were arranged in way of uni-sided triangle form. Wedge groove was welded on external side of pile which was driven to 20m below ground surface by driving machine to simulate the vibratory driving status of steel cylinder.3 auxiliary cells were driven downward along the wedge groove on external side of steel tubular pile and auxiliary cessl is 22m long and of chord length of 9.52m. 2 sets of vibratory hammers were used to perform final vibratory driving.

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