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Working Divisions

The island and tunnel project of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge consists of one super long immersed tunnel and two deeper sea artificial islands. The project uses flat two-leveled management mode and the project general management office overall controls five construction working divisions , of which the division III has two subdivisions. The construction assignments are undertaken by the project management offices set up by Harbor One harbor engineering company ltd., harbor two engineering company ltd,, harbor three engineering company ltd., and harbor four engineering company ltd., Guangzhou navigation channel bureau ltd. company so on five engineering bureaus in total under China Communications Construction Corporation LTD and details are given below.


Division I (west island works and associated works)—CCCC First Harbor Engineering Co., LTD

Division II ( east island works and associated works)—CCCC Third Harbor Harbor Engineering Co., LTD

Subdivision 1 and 2 under Division III (immersed tunnel element prefabrication works)-CCCC Second and Fourth Harbor engineering Co., LTD

Division IV (dredging works)—Guangdong harbor dredging engineering bureau

Division V (tunnel element transportation and installation )—CCCC First Harbor Engineering Co., LTD


The Leading Team of Division I

Wu Like Project manager

Meng Fanli Executive deputy manager

Feng Guanling Deputy manager

Kong Linglei Project chief engineer

Zhou Hongtao the Party’s Secretary

Zhang Yige Deputy chief engineer

Zhao Baoqi Deputy manager

Guan Hongbo Chairman of Labor Union


The Leading Team of Division II


Cao Genxiang Project manager

Liu Haiqing executive deputy manager

Zhao Hui Project chief engineer

Huang Chao Project Party Secretary and HSE director

Wang Wei Project deputy manager

Shen Yongxing deputy chief engineer

Su Genming deputy chief engineer and test center director

Xu Guiqiang Manager assistant


The Leading team of subdivision I under Division III

Wu Weizhong Project manager

Yang Shaobin executive deputy manager

Li Jie Project Party secretary

Yang Hong Production deputy manager

Zhou Guangqiang Chief engineer

Dai Shuxue deputy manager

Li Shiming deputy manager

Yang Yonghong Deputy manager and deputy chief engineer

Zhang Hong Deputy manager and deputy chief engineer

Li Yang deputy manager

Hu Zhenrui Vice chairman of labor union and the Party secretary assistant


Leading team of subdivision II under division III

Li Huiming Project manager

Liang Jiezhong Project executive deputy manager

Tang Sanbo Project Party Secretary

Chen Weibin Project chief engineer and deputy manager

Huang Mingdong Project deputy manager

Zou Zhengzhou Project deputy manager

Zhang Wensen Project deputy manager and deputy chief engineer


Leading team of Division IV

Cao Xiangbo Project manager

Chen Lin-executive deputy manager

Man Jiangbin Party secretary

Yang Wei Chief engineer

Chen Song bo Deputy manager

Lin Zhending deputy chief engineer


Leading team of Division V

Wu Like Project manager

Su Faqiang Project executive deputy manager

Gao Yushan project Party secretary

Su Changxi project chief engineer

Wang Lihong deputy manager

Li Jin deputy manager

Zhang Jianjun deputy manager

Lin Xiangbiao deputy manager

Wang Hongde deputy manager

Wang Qiang deputy chief engineer

Wang Wei deputy manager

Yue Yuanzheng-deputy manager

Liu Zhaoquan-deputy manager


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