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Project Status
Project Status
HZMB Project: the Last Immersed Tunnel Element Successfully Installed2017-03-21(113)
HZMB Project: Immerse Tunnel E29 Successfully Installed2017-02-26(209)
Precasting of All Elements of HZMB Project Accomplished2017-02-26(164)
HZMB Project: Precise Placement of Immerse Tunnel E312017-02-26(168)
HZMB Tunnel Had Break Though the Length of 5 Kilometers2016-12-01(275)
Element No.33(E33) has connected to the East island——The first Curved Tube had been installed successfully2016-10-24(454)
Straighted-element of HZMB immersed tunnel had been finished2016-07-19(967)
HZMB Tunnel and Island project successfully immersed element E272016-06-26(475)
The 26th immersed tunnel element of HZMB had been successfully installed2016-05-26(398)
Race with increasing momentum sediments on foundation trench2016-04-08(637)
‘Chinese Speed’ Created By HZMB Immersed Tunnel Builders2015-12-29(618)
HZMB project immersed tunnel length exceeded 4000 meters2015-11-21(667)
Two-thirds of HZMB immersed tunnel had been finished2015-11-15(924)
HZMB project succeed in E21 immersing work——Apply the third sea-lane for the first time2015-09-28(626)
E20 installation finished,HZMB immersed tunnel has arrived more than 60%2015-08-29(757)
The 19th immersed tunnel element of HZMB had been successfully installed2015-08-18(1023)
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