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Project Status
Project Status

Preliminary Completion of the Landmark in the Pearl River Estuary

——The House Building Work on the HZMB West Artificial Island Was Successfully Finished

On July 28, 2017, the house building work on the HZMB West Artificial Island was successfully finished, which means the landmark in Pearl River estuary has been preliminarily completed.

Divided into three stories, the house building on the West Artificial Island is 20.2 meters high with a gross floor area of 20,000 square meters. Besides, the structure of the house building mainly includes reinforced concrete column, beams and slabs, and corridors, all of which adopt the fair-faced concrete construction. After the completion of house building, it mainly serves for the operation and management of immersed tunnel, and has a mixture of uses including office space, and a sightseeing area.

Since the house building work began, the project office has overcome many challenges, such as tight schedule, high quality demand and difficult construction. We adhere to the idea of "best of the best", assemble the forcing troops, invest more in staffing and equipment, and carry out labor competition, so as to ensure the construction progress. We strengthen the control of the site, including the reinforcement banding, template installation and cast-in-situ to guarantee the quality of fair-faced concrete. Besides, we must pay much attention to safety education, and maintain the state of “three-zero” for the construction of the West Artificial Island.

As the temperature on the West Artificial Island is rising, the project office attaches great importance to the heatstroke prevention. Leaders insisted on inspecting the construction site to ensure the supply of medicines for heatstroke prevention and drinking water. And the heatstroke prevention work is well implemented to realize that “do not let anyone fall”.

At present, we are advancing the interior decoration and cap structure construction for the house building on the West Artificial Island in a good order. In strict accordance with the requirement of labor competition that "working hard for one hundred day", the project office will build the most beautiful landmark in the Pearl River estuary around Lingding sea with the spirit of "striving for perfection and the best".

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