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Project Status
Project Status

Leaders Solved the Construction Problems, Providing a Solid Guarantee for the Construction

On July 1, 2017, in order to meet the requirement of the labor competition with a theme of "working hard for one hundred days to greet the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China ", and to solve the construction problems more timely and effectively on the East and West artificial island and in the inner immersed tunnel, a mechanism guided by the general manager and leaders of participant construction divisions was implemented at the beginning of the competition. Lin Ming, the general manager of HZMB project office, worked with other leaders to advance the construction in good order.

Leaders of the HZMB project office and construction divisions went to the East and West artificial island and the immersed tunnel, where they listened to the reports about the project progress of construction division No. I, construction division No. II, construction division No. III. They inspected the house building and outdoor auxiliary works of the artificial islands, and decoration projects of the inner immersed tunnel, focusing on the inspection of the glass curtain wall installation, stairs construction, Shimizu concrete products, sloping roof construction, light gratings and enameling sheet steel installation. To solve the problems having been found, exchanges have been made with the filed operators, effective measures have been put forward, and system of post responsibility must be implemented in the relevant construction divisions, so as to further clarify the responsibilities. All in all, only with an attitude of creating an artwork will we ensure the project quality.

At present, we are accelerating the process of house building works and outdoor auxiliary works on the artificial islands, and the decoration projects in the inner immersed tunnel. In the face of huge pressure from the project time schedule, frequent cross-operation and hot weather and other challenges, leaders of the project office and each construction divisions, and department heads worked together to solve the construction problems, enhance the organization and coordination since July 1st, so as to ensure the achievements of the labor competition. As a result, all builders overcome the unfavorable conditions on the construction site, and continue to work hard on the isolate islands, aiming to realize the project goal of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge.

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