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Project Status
Project Status

Awards Ceremony for the Third Campaign of HZMB Island Tunnel Project Held by CCCC

On June 10, 2017, the Awards Ceremony for the Third Campaign of HZMB Island Tunnel Project was held by CCCC. Mr. Chen Yun, the deputy party secretary and vice president of CCCC, attended this meeting and delivered an important speech. Approximately 600 people participated in this meeting, including Mr. Yao Yanmin, the director of the Department of Enterprise Culture, other leaders of related construction companies, principals of the General Project Office, Design Department and various construction divisions, prize winners, special guests and on-site builders. And this meeting is jointly held by Zhuhai Television (ZHTV).

On behalf of CCCC, Mr. Chen delivered a speech to express his sincere appreciation and respect to the builders who held on to their positions on isolated islands and devoted themselves to this grand but arduous project for seven years. He pointed out that the construction of HZMB is a major decision made by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, which is a great and glorious mission, and it is critical to centurial well-being for people in Zhuhai, Hong Kong and Macao. Over the past seven years, a series of world records, made by 4000 builders of this Project, have enhanced the company's core competitiveness and fully demonstrated our sense of responsibility as a state-owned enterprise. He underlined that all builders should make persistent efforts to finish this Project without delay under the premise of ensuring safety and quality.

Then, participants watched a thematic documentary named Extraordinary Years, reviewing the construction process of the island tunnel project. On behalf of the General Project Office, Mr. Lin Ming, the general manager of HZMB Project, exchanged presents with foreign experts, thank them for their unremitting efforts, and shared interesting stories during this win-win cooperation. Mr. Chen presented Certificates of Honor to the collective groups and individuals who made contributions to this project, and took photos with them.

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