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Project Status
Project Status

HZMB Project: the Last Immersed Tunnel Element Successfully Installed

On March 7, 2017, E30, the last immersed tunnel element of the HZMB, was successfully installed, with all the key indicators meeting the design standards. At present, as all the 33 largest immersed tunnels elements in the world have been installed successfully, the length of the tunnel achieves 5652 m, only 12 m left to the final closure.

Since the placement of the first immersed tunnel element in May 1, 2013, CCCC builders have successfully completed the placement of all the 33 elements, they have developed and applied eight operation techniques and overcome many world-class problems,such as trench in the deep water, abnormal siltation backfill,large runoff water etc. Thus, the tunnel is totally watertight inside with no water seeping.

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