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Project Status
Project Status

Precasting of All Elements of HZMB Project Accomplished

Along with the last one cube meter concrete of E33 poured on December 26, 2016, all the precasting work has been finished. It means the largest Tunnel Element Precast Yard in the world has finally completed its historical mission.

All these elements are of reinforced concrete and were cast through industrialized production, which is the second practice in the world but the first in China. Each element consists of eight segments and is 180 m long, 39.75 m wide and 11.4 m high. Weighing about 80,000 t, they are the largest concrete elements across the world.

These 33 elements, namely 28 straight ones and five curve ones, will together compose the immersed tunnel of the HZMB Project. To precast those elements, CCCC workers used nearly 1,000,000 cu m of concrete within six years. They conformed to the standards of crack control and met the target of no crack on any element at last. Furthermore, they attained more than 100 patents for technical inventions during this process, which laid a solid foundation for the HZMB Project to achieve its design serving life of 120 years.

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