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Project Status
Project Status

HZMB Project: Precise Placement of Immerse Tunnel E31

On December 25, 2016, the E31 was successfully installed and the length of immersed tunnel has reached 5310 meters, which achieved about 93% of the total length of the immersed tunnel.

At 9:30 A.M. on December 24, the E31 was winched out of the dry dock and then towed to the site. To seize the last operation window of 2016, CCCC builders overcame the impact of strong cold air and worked continuously for 26 hours, and then the E31 was docked with the E32 precisely at 12:05 on December 25. It ensured the annual progress of tunnel elements installation and won the initiative to the installation of the last two elements and the closure joint in 2017.

The E31, 180m long and 80,000 tons, is the largest curve tunnel element in the world. Compared with the installation of other elements, the installation of E31 is much harder than previous ones. Also, it has more demanding requirements of safety control and placement accuracy.


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