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Project Status
Project Status

HZMB Tunnel Had Break Though the Length of 5 Kilometers

The 32th Element was placed at 7:40 of 23 Nov. 2016, fighting against strong wind and rain caused from Cold Wave, It lasted 24hrs. By then, the total length of HZMB immersed tunnel had reached 5,130 meters.

At 8:00 of 22 Nov. Commander Mr. Lin Ming gave an order to launch towing operation. It took 3hrs to winch the element out of Dry dock, then the element was surround by many tugboats and guarding ships, They trooped forward to place position against with the rain and cold current in formidableness.

At 5:00, 23 Nov. pulling jack began work, Until 7:40 of 23 Nov. the final compression joint had been done. At This moment it meant the E32 and the E33 was successfully connected.

The E32 tunnel element with width of 37.95m, height of 11.4m, length of 135m, and weight around 60,000 tons consists of 6 segments which it is the second curve tunnel element. The successful installation of E32 not only caught the best operation time to make it done in November and also make a favourable condition to the rest following 3 curve Elements placement .




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