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Project Status
Let the Bullets Fly——A Miracle of the Construction of Thames Tunnel2017-09-16(1573)
Super "Operator" for the Placement of the Immersed Tunnel Elements2017-09-13(1401)
“The Smallest Tunnel Element, the Largest Expert Meeting; the Highest Altitude, the Most Accurate Adjustment”——Joel, an Engineer of the Trelleborg in Netherland, Had a Deep Impression about the Placement of the Final Closure Joint2017-08-26(1387)
Preliminary Completion of the Landmark in the Pearl River Estuary——The House Building Work on the HZMB West Artificial Island Was Successfully Finished2017-08-13(1300)
Leaders of HZMB Project Inspected the Construction Progress of Artificial Islands2017-08-02(1196)
HZMB Project: Completion of the Offshore Works of Immersed Tunnel2017-08-02(1309)
Leaders Solved the Construction Problems, Providing a Solid Guarantee for the Construction2017-08-02(1152)
Awards Ceremony for the Third Campaign of HZMB Island Tunnel Project Held by CCCC2017-07-16(1207)
Successful Placement of the Closure Joint in HZMB immersed Tunnel Project2017-06-24(1457)
HZMB Project: the Last Immersed Tunnel Element Successfully Installed2017-03-21(1529)
HZMB Project: Immerse Tunnel E29 Successfully Installed2017-02-26(1535)
Precasting of All Elements of HZMB Project Accomplished2017-02-26(1591)
HZMB Project: Precise Placement of Immerse Tunnel E312017-02-26(1778)
HZMB Tunnel Had Break Though the Length of 5 Kilometers2016-12-01(1770)
Element No.33(E33) has connected to the East island——The first Curved Tube had been installed successfully2016-10-24(1949)
Straighted-element of HZMB immersed tunnel had been finished2016-07-19(2757)
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