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Key Equipment
common equipment
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Key Equipment
common equipment
Concrete raw material power material unloading set equipment(2013-04-08) 743
High pressure general composed set equipment(2013-04-08) 676
Rebar processing equipment(2013-04-08) 657
Mixing plant in prefabrication factory(2013-04-08) 749
Mixing plant on east island(2013-04-08) 662
Mixing plant on west island(2013-04-08) 635
“Zhenfu 8 ” weight lifting vessel(2013-04-08) 696
“Third harbor Shazhuang No.8” SCP construction vessel(2013-04-08) 724
special equipment
Hydraulic Vibrating Hammer Set(2013-04-11) 814
Ice-Making and Water-Cooling Plant for Concrete Batching(2013-04-11) 689
Full Section Automatic Hydraulic Formwork System(2013-04-08) 679
Concrete Placing and Distribution System(2013-04-08) 692
Reinforcement Cage Horizontal Pushing System(2013-04-08) 609
Element Support and Multiple Point Synchronous Pushing System(2013-04-08) 642
Steel Sliding Gate for Shallow Dock(2013-04-08) 674
Gravel Laying and Leveling Jack-up Barge(2013-04-08) 765

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